May 2, 2018


Teen Financial Literacy “Event” - Last month, Arktos Wealth Management (AWM) participated in Crescenta Valley High School’s Career Fair. Students were able to inquire about the benefits, qualifications, and attributes connected to a wide variety of career paths. AWM was a proud representative of the financial services industry. One observation that I personally took away from this event was the Read more about Teen Financial Literacy “Event”[…]
Managing Income Throughout Retirement - There’s an old saying in the financial planning world: “It is better to have too much money at the end of the month, than to have too much month at the end of your money.” Unfortunately, this situation is all too common and happens for a variety of reasons. Let me start with a simple Read more about Managing Income Throughout Retirement[…]
Lloyd's of London The Ultimate Gift - Telling someone you care about them is one thing. Showing them you care, or cared, can be significantly different. This month, I’d like to touch upon the public’s least favorite financially related subject: LIFE INSURANCE. How much a life is worth depends on what that person’s role is. In a business, the CEO’s visionary ability Read more about The Ultimate Gift[…]
Cutting through the noise… - Somewhere in the middle of the 2008 financial and real estate market crisis, I began writing a semi-monthly blog to my clients, family, friends, and prospects addressing the dark and painful, and seemingly endless, drop in global economic market valuations. This moment in time was known as our Great Recession. It was real and it Read more about Cutting through the noise…[…]
Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match! - The savings rate in this country is dismal. The most recent number (July 2018) reported by Trading Economics was 6.7%. Personal savings rate is defined as “the ratio of personal income saved to personal net disposable income during a certain period of time.” That means that the average income earner only saves $6.70 out of Read more about Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match![…]
Buyer Beware… - A few months back while listening to the radio, I heard a ‘Cash Call’ advertisement touting the advantages of taking out a home equity loan and using the proceeds for things like paying off high credit card debt, remodeling a kitchen, or investing ‘on the dip’ in Bitcoin. Yes, you read that last one right. Read more about Buyer Beware…[…]
2018 Mid-Year Update! - Enjoy it while it lasts– Sand, sun, and surf…or hikes, camping, and swimming. Maybe just enjoying the relaxing-long-afternoons over a slow barbeque as you lay in your comfy lounge chair. These are some visions and aspirations many of us want to enjoy over the next few warm months. Summer gives all of us a break Read more about 2018 Mid-Year Update![…]
Like the Roller Coaster? - Experience They say if you live long enough, you’ll see just about everything. Enter: Jack Bogle. He is one gentleman who has seen, lived through, and witnessed quite a ride in the stock market. He’s seen the market drop by over 50% two times, including a drop of 25% in a single day. Yet over Read more about Like the Roller Coaster?[…]
New Client Portal; Wine/Cheese Event; and Crazy Stock Market - It has been many months (or moons–including a super blue blood one) since I last wrote you. And in those months, there’s been several good changes and updates that may be of interest and benefit to you.   The Markets… The stock market has been on a very gradual and smooth-sailing track of growth for Read more about New Client Portal; Wine/Cheese Event; and Crazy Stock Market[…]
A little reminder of our services - Want to know what Frank and Arktos Wealth Management can do for you? Can’t remember exactly what Frank does for a living? Here’s a quick reminder of a few of our services: Wealth Management – If you happen to inherit a lump sum of money or win the lottery, you will have to make some Read more about A little reminder of our services[…]