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Why Investing is Not Simple

Here we are again at the end of the year wondering “how did it go by so fast” and asking “did we do everything we planned to do.” To many of you, this time signifies holidays, camaraderie, family, and some late nights solving the world’s problems with a close friend over a bottle of your favorite aged spirit.  For others, it is a time to reflect on what they might do differently ‘next year’ as new year’s clock somehow releases positive energy on January 1st that motivates one to get a move on it.

As a financial planner who follows global events and the monetary and fiscal actions that move the economic barometer, 2023 played out about as good as could be considering what we emerged from over the previous three-years of experimental economics. Remember, economics is based on theory, not science!

Because the market and its relationship to our animal spirits hinges on human behavior driven by our emotions, I am making available to you a fantastic illustration from AssetMark Trust Company that highlights how markets have actually performed over the last 90 plus years. There is nothing fictitious here. This is history of the same markets that have persevered through assassinations, oil embargos, wars, pandemics, tsunamis, nuclear bombs, AI, the space race, holocausts, etc., etc.

I encourage you to take a moment to view this very illustrative presentation on investing. It’s not an advertisement nor a sales presentation. It is a recap of how the market performed through the most challenging of times and how investors who didn’t act on their emotions (fear or greed) were rewarded with some great investment returns. Regardless of your risk/reward appetite, Arktos Wealth Management is here to guide you on your journey while helping you to make better financial choices.

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Why Investing is Not Simple