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Exciting Times for Boring Stuff

Talk about an oxymoronic headline! Why is it that cash, bonds, treasury bills, and CD’s are getting more attention today …
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Stack the odds in your favor

10 Year-end Planning Ideas

With all the uncertainty in the markets, a negative political environment, a sour international outlook, and the ever present attack …
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Financial decision by Scott Graham

Inclement Weather and Finance

Dark clouds, brutal gusts of wind, white caps, flash floods, and pelting rain…it’s all in a day on the lake …
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percentage up or down

Percentage vs. Dollars vs. Points…How do you measure up?

Is there something that frustrates you to no end every time you hear it? There is for me. I get …
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Green budget

Managing Your Wealth

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Women and Wealth

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What is ESG?

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Credit Score

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Investment Strategy

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