Arktos Wealth Management provides financial guidance through life’s ups and downs. Let’s create your Legacy.

Since 2006, Arktos Wealth Management has been a trusted and local resource to families and businesses in our community. As a Certified Financial Planner ™ practitioner, we have the experience, knowledge, and independence to guide you through life’s important transitions. Our clients receive unbiased advice accompanied with proven strategies aligned to their goals and needs. In short, we develop a clear and personalized financial road map to guide our clients through life’s beautiful journey. Isn’t it time you put your financial house in order?

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Help at the End of the Road

It seems that every other week or so, I hear someone talking about the challenges of caring for a family …
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Why Investing is Not Simple

Here we are again at the end of the year wondering “how did it go by so fast” and asking …
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Suffering from Sudden Wealth Issues…

“The call” comes in…and news is broken that your long-loved relative has passed away. Over the next several weeks, you …
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Getting your Ducks Lined Up.

The average American consumer has 5.3 accounts across all types of financial institutions. Some have more than 20, and some …

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Help at the End of the Road

It seems that every other week or so, I hear someone talking about the challenges of caring for a family member or friend who is suffering from declining ability due…

Why Investing is Not Simple

Investing considerations should be based on measurable metrics, history, the economy, risk, and timeline. Feelings and emotions are not included in this criteria.


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Corona Virus Scams

Don't be a victim. Learn more here...

Green budget

Managing Your Wealth

Do you know where everything is and what everything is worth? You should.

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Women and Wealth

Managing it all is just another day's work.

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What is ESG?

Doing well while doing good.

Indication of fair, good and excellent

Credit Score

Take care of your credit so it can take care of you.

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Investment Strategy

Will your investments help you reach your financial goals?

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Planning for College

Lesson 1 starts here.

Financial planning, business insurance

Do I need a financial planner?

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Investments? For me?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

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