Our core focus is on clients who are concerned and proactive with their wealth management needs and prefer to work closely with a trusted advisor. For these valued clients, we dedicate ourselves to providing workable solutions helping our clients to achieve their goals. However, we realize that not everyone requires the same levels of service.

Arktos Wealth Management can build a comprehensive financial plan, or road map, to help you reach your financial goals. We also provide our clients with a personalized client portal where all assets and liabilities are tracked in real-time, so that we can base decisions on relevant information. Additionally, we provide access to our institutional investment platform where your money is professionally managed to a risk level you are comfortable with.

Our clients benefit from complete transparency of all costs and fees associated with their financial plan and/or portfolios as we are held to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER fiduciary standards for the advice and asset management provided to our clients. If you are unsure of your needs, we recommend starting with a comprehensive financial plan so that we can identify all aspects of your current financial situation. Individual plans vary in complexity and cost, and you can be assured that you will receive value based on your needs and objectives.

The following pages include detailed descriptions of our Client Service Schedule (shown below). They are provided to help you choose the level of service or areas that could benefit your financial situation.


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