Arktos Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning and investment services to clients who are concerned and proactive with their wealth management needs and prefer to work closely with a trusted advisor. For these valued clients, we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of expertise and attention to encourage an open, honest, and fulfilling client/advisor engagement.

Our client relationships typically begin with a discovery meeting where open conversations about personal goals, likes, wants, and fears are discussed. This forms the basis of a comprehensive financial assessment that ascertains the depth, challenges, and opportunities of our client’s particular financial situation. Financial planning illustrations in combination with hypothetical scenarios help our clients to visualize and prepare a pathway to accomplishing their financial goals. Utilizing our secure client portal, we (both clients and ourselves) are able to track assets and liabilities in real-time which allows our planning decisions to be based on factual and relevant information.

Our typical client has more than $500,000 of investable assets (excluding real estate) with a net-worth greater than $3 million. Our typical client is also concerned about their tax burden, estate planning issues, risk management, and the development of a solid retirement income plan. When working on these important subject areas, we coordinate with our client’s tax and estate planning professionals to review and implement strategies that put our client in a more favorable position. We also offer these same services to clients who do not have any assets under our management by way of a subscription-based financial planning service. In short, we provide a variety of ways to work with us.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, we utilize a transparent fee-based business model that is disclosed upfront to avoid surprises. We disclose any conflicts of interest to ensure we are always acting in your best interest. We are bound by our CFP ‘duty of loyalty’ to act as fiduciaries who put your interests above ours. Individual plans vary in complexity and cost, and you can be assured that you will receive value based on your needs and objectives. Our clients’ assets are predominantly invested in fee-based accounts utilizing a mix of large institutional managers as well as specialized boutique managers – all of whom invest according to each client’s assumed risk-level. Both, tax-managed and tax-deferred accounts, can be structured to meet our clients’ objectives – whether that be long-term investing for the next generation, immediate income for supplementing retirement expenses, or charitably inclined intentions.

In conclusion, we are not some 1960s Wall Street stockbroker with a hot-stock tip. Nor are we a commission driven insurance salesman. What you will receive is the development of a clear and personalized map to guide you through life’s beautiful journey. Come join us and let us work together to put your financial house in order.

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