Our Name

Arktos Wealth Management Logo in Black Color
In searching for a meaningful name that would concisely describe the financial planning approach of my practice, I was looking for something that resonated with my own life and the principle of guiding my clients through the process of making ‘smart’ decisions with their money, based on their own lifestyle and values.

Arktos is the Greek word for bear. Thousands of years ago, the Greeks referred to Arktos in reference to the constellation ‘Ursa Major,’ or Great Bear, which is visible throughout the year in the Northern hemisphere. Within the Arktos constellation, there exists the asterism known as the Big Dipper. The Big Dipper is one asterism that most of us and our kids can easily find in the night sky. But why did the Greeks find this constellation so paramount to their civilization?

The Big Dipper’s pan–which makes up the bear’s back—contains two “pointer stars” that can be used to visually trace a line directly to the North Star. Finding the North Star meant everything to the seafaring Greeks, and Arktos made it easy to find this critical navigational index. Ultimately, the Greeks would go on to create a civilization that served as a basis for modern culture. This resonated deeply with me as I not only have a passion for guiding my clients to make appropriate financial decisions, but for sailing as well.

When I sail, I need reliable navigational aids that will stand the test of time, weather conditions, and the inevitable failure of electronic gadgetry, to safely guide my vessel and crew to our destination. As a Certified Financial Planner™, I serve as a guide, or steward, for my clients’ assets and risks. And when I design and implement an individual, family, or business financial plan, my practice acts as the “Arktos” helping clients set a target to achieve their financial goals.

So, just as the Greeks used Arktos as a point of reference to advance their civilization, I feel my practice of Arktos Wealth Management provides an equally important point of reference for my clients’ pursuit of achieving financial stability.