What Do You Expect?

How can I help you?  That’s the typical phrase you hear when you walk up to a customer service counter.  And they ask that because they are typically receiving an hourly wage and are following a standardized protocol for assisting customers with their inherent needs.  When I ask, “How can I help you,” what do you expect from me and the Elite Financial Network?

Unlike hourly wage customer service agents, I am compensated when my clients invest or transfer money into an account under which I control.  I can also be compensated through a variety of insurance companies through which business was placed.  Finally, I may be compensated by an agreed upon fee (flat or hourly) when a client decides they need some customized financial planning.

Since my time is worth money, (and who’s isn’t!), and I am only compensated in one of the above manners, I am limited as to how much time I can spend with each of my clients.  Just as your bank posts the services commensurate with account balances, I have attached a schematic to help you understand what you should expect of me and my firm. And as always, I have the flexibility to override any of these rules to your advantage if time and necessity warrant the service.  I’m standing by, ready to serve!

Click Client Service Levels to see what you should expect.