My Replacement

If you were to call my office to inquire about making an adjustment to your investment, insurance policy, or financial plan, you would either  1) speak to me in person; 2) leave a message on my voice mail; or 3) send me an email.  But what if I no longer had the capacity to respond as your Financial Advisor because of a sickness or death?   More importantly, what if we were in the midst of creating an estate plan, retirement income structuring, or life insurance discussions and I could no longer work with you?  Finally, what if you had already confided all of your personal plans to me—leading us to change the direction of your financial plan, but I was not here to complete the process?

First off, my health and status as a Financial Advisor has never been better (please knock on wood now), so let’s not go there just yet.  But just like the planning I recommend to my clients, I too must have contingency plans in place to ensure the services and attention to my clients and their respective plans/accounts continue regardless of my personal issues.  Remember, this is about your financial well-being.  So let’s address what ‘would’ happen if this very unfortunate incident did strike us.

You would pick up the phone and call my home office in Huntington Beach.  There, either Anne Marie or Prab would quickly bring up your information, emails, and notes from the files online, take your information down, and have Dan Cairo (my direct Supervisor/Principal) call you to assist.  And since I was trained by Dan, he would be able to pick up (using my notes in the system, and access to all of your account data) where we (you and I) left off.  Isn’t that easy?

What makes it even better is that Dan and I have very similar management and advisory styles in helping our clients achieve their goals and I’m sure you would enjoy the levels of service received from him.  And if Dan had to hand over your account to Craig Wong (another principal of Elite Financial Network), you would be in very good hands.  Craig is a good friend and colleague who helped train me from my very first days as an advisor.

Since April of 2009, all of the documents, notes, new accounts, emails, meeting notes, and actions taken place on or pertaining to my clients is forever archived in a cloud-based, triple encrypted, quadruple  redundancy customer relationship management (with imaging) system located off my premises.  That means your information is secure (both physically from non associated persons, and safe from loss).

So, while I have every intention on staying in my capacity as a Financial Advisor to my clients for the next 30-years or so, please know that you should expect to continue to receive excellent levels of unbiased and independent financial advice from a very qualified team of professionals for many decades to come regardless of what happens on my end.

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