Happy Holidays!!

[dropcap1]So[/dropcap1] here we are at the end of the year again ready to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and all other respective religious holidays.  I look at the holidays as a time to embrace family and friends, remember those that are not here with us, be respectful for what we have, and reach out to those who need help.  While those are my thoughts, I’m sure my kids’ view is a little different and more in line with: Receiving presents, eating frosting off of the cake, playing with their cousins and friends, and not going to school for 2-3 weeks.

While the craziness of holiday party scheduling, Christmas shopping, meal planning, and vacations may consume our minds, it is important that you take time to reflect on this past year of 2012 to see how well you did on achieving your goals.  Did you lose 10-pounds?  Did you start your college savings plan?  Did you finish remodeling your kitchen?  If you didn’t accomplish the goals you set out to achieve this year, you’ve got to be really honest with yourself and find out why.  It’s most likely because you didn’t have it on your calendar or task list.  It didn’t take a priority over your ‘daily’ routines, and therefore always sat on the back burner.

Here’s an idea:  Why wait to start next year’s goals on January 1st?  Why not start working towards them today and get a head start on the year.  The year 2013 only has 365 days in it—so this way, you’ll give yourself more time and have a much more likely success rate in your personal accomplishments.  Planning your personal goals is no different than planning your financial and risk management goals.  They both take a plan, and they both start with a first step initiated by YOU!!