Tax Planning

New 2015 IRS Limits!

If you’ve been maxing out your annual contribution limit on certain retirement plans, it may be possible to increase your contributions…starting now! For 2015 the IRS has increased annual contribution limits on several types of Defined Contribution retirement plans (i.e. 401(k), 457, TSA, etc.), and that limit is now $18,000/year.  And for those participants who are age […]

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RMD Confusion

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be downright nasty, mean, and somewhat unfair to normal law abiding tax payers who unintentionally miss or forget to withdraw a certain amount of money from their retirement accounts.  I’m talking about a 50% penalty assessment (one of the highest in the Internal Revenue Code ‘IRC’) just because someone

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Like Your Tax Bill?

Every year, I ask my clients a question: “What was your largest expense this year?”  The response is somewhere between ‘auto expense’ and ‘mortgage expense,’ but I do occasionally hear ‘food and entertainment expenses’ top the list.  However, it is rare when someone states that ‘taxes’ are their number one expense.   So, ‘if’ taxes

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