Tax Planning

Missed Opportunity

How powerful is the opportunity of deferring taxes from your current income?  Are you taking advantage of tax-deferral?  If you qualify to use an the tax benefits of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) but aren’t doing so, why don’t you? I’ve illustrated the possibilities of employing the uses of a plain old Traditional IRA (Individual …

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Last Chance Forever?

[dropcap1]If[/dropcap1]you have a net worth over $1,000,000, you may need to take action in the next few days.  On January 1, 2013, the estate tax rules are poised to reduce the Unified Lifetime Gift Tax exclusion from $5,120,000 to $1,000,000.  Don’t think it’s a big deal?  Want to just wait and see?  Your inattentiveness to …

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