If I only knew then what I know now…

Last month, Arktos Wealth Management hosted and presented an informative seminar on Elder Financial Exploitation. Attendees learned ways to identify tactics used, by both known persons and strangers, to exploit senior citizens. If you missed this event and would like the presentation materials, contact us to acquire digital and/or hard copies. We are also available to discuss your questions or concerns in person. Give us a call; we are here as a resource for this very important and timely topic. The more we learn now, the better able we are to help ourselves and our loved ones during the golden (or is it silver-haired?) years.

Before we arrive at that most austere point in our lives, let’s fire up the time machine and go back some 30-odd years. If you could give yourself some advice, would you do it? Of course you would. And why would I be thinking or asking that right now? It just happens that I attended my 30-year reunion from Crescenta Valley High School a few weeks ago and had a fantastic time reconnecting with my friends, team members, and fellow classmates.

Being with peers made me realize that we’re all getting older, have families to be responsible for, and are beginning to think about retirement in a more relevant way. As we begin to contemplate our retirement readiness, more often than not we ask ourselves, “why didn’t I save more and start saving earlier?” However, since we are living in reality and time travel isn’t possible (sorry Dr. Brown, “Back to the Future”), would you instead provide some of your advice and wisdom to a group who, just like you 30 years ago, needs to hear it? Well, that’s exactly what Arktos Wealth Management is doing for our local teens on November 20 at the La Canada library.

Due to popular demand, and the ever-increasing complexity of modern-day personal finance, we are once again hosting and presenting a teen financial literacy event focusing on savings and investment basics. Teens will be provided an opportunity to learn about investing for the future while reviewing various options for savings and the risks involved. We will provide attendees with valuable information that can be used immediately and throughout their lives.

While I may not be able to travel back to CVHS in 1989 to provide myself with advice on savings and investing, it’s time to ‘pay it forward’ and provide this information to those who are now at the very age that I could have benefited from it. Here’s to my time machine…for the next generation!!