New Model; New Fee Structure at AWM

Nearly every industry over the past 10 years has made dramatic changes to its business model in order to adapt to today’s consumer/client demands and Arktos Wealth Management is now preparing for its next 20-years in the financial planning/advisory industry.

You might note that healthcare systems have dramatically changed the way they conduct medical and health services to adapt to new insurance-mandated billing of medical procedures. For automobile shopping, most people now shop online to find the exact model and price they are looking for prior to ever stepping foot into a dealership to take delivery of their new vehicle. And today, local retailers are now cognizant of Yelp and other social media outlets that can either make or break their business.

So how is our business model changing? We are rolling out a new service model to ensure we are addressing the needs of each and every one of our valued clients.

But first, we want you to understand that the fees we earn through your investments or direct consulting charges are not just compensating us for the advisory costs of your investments. These fees are also paying for the unbiased observations, research, advice, and recommendations you are looking for to build and protect your family’s overall wealth plan.

With that said, Arktos Wealth Management has created multiple service levels to accommodate the varying needs of its new clients. Each of these service levels addresses varying complexities of a client’s planning and investment needs. Because client needs vary on a case-by-case basis, we can help our clients choose the most appropriate level of service specific to their needs.

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In general, a larger account holder pays more in overall fees (but possibly a smaller percentage) than a smaller account holder. Additionally, a larger account holder may have increasingly complex planning needs that necessitate more service and attention from the advisor. To address this disparity, we are implementing a service grid that illustrates the financially related services one should expect to receive throughout the year based on certain asset levels and/or planning needs.

Definitions describing each particular service spell out what you should receive with respect to your personal plan. As an example, meeting with your estate planning attorney and tax professional, as well as holding quarterly meetings, are included at the highest level–Service Level 3.

As all new clients will be subject to this new service model, we will eventually be integrating our existing clients into a model specific to their needs. This will help to ensure our valued clients are receiving a commensurate level of service for their particular financial situation. It will also afford smaller account holders the opportunity to purchase additional services specific to their unique situation. In short, we want our clients to get as much value from Arktos Wealth Management as possible.

Please take a few moments to open up and explore our new service model. A description about each service component has been provided to help you understand what to expect.

Finally, since there really is no substitute for a phone call or in-person conversation regarding your personal financial situation, please call our office if you have any questions. After all, we are here to serve you!!

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