Certified Financial Planner Status

As most of you know, I embarked on an ambitious educational goal to become a Certified Financial Planner last October.  I’m currently half-way through Boston University’s online program and have covered the first three sections consisting of Financial Planning, Insurance and Risk Management, and Investments.

To say that the studies are thorough is an understatement!!  Right now, I’m working on mathematical formulas that have more letters, squiggly signs, and Greek markings than alphabet soup.  And this is all to help me to help you make more informed investment decisions.

This April, I’ll start the Tax Planning section which will be followed by the last 2-sections consisting of Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.  My studies in these subject areas should be completed by October of this year.  At that time, I will take an extensive review, then apply to take the CFP exam around December 2011.

It has been somewhat reassuring to discover that previous to these studies, I had been implementing a lot of the philosophies, strategies, and ethical standards expected by a Certified Financial Planner.  I am using this educational achievement as an opportunity to further my knowledge on these subjects and use the material for practical experience, and not merely for being able to use the CFP designation.  Just for kicks, I welcome you to check out the CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct.  http://www.cfp.net/Downloads/2010Standards.pdf