How much is in your account?

Do you want to be able to check the value of your account(s) held with my firm?  How’d you like to ‘see’ your account information (as of the last trading day ‘market close’) at any time of the day, in the privacy of your home or office?  You may have noticed the “Access Account” tab to the left of this web mail and wondered how it works.

By accessing your account information through this portal, you will be able to run virtually the same report information that I have access to—and you can do it on your own.  You can track how your account is doing on a monthly, quarterly, Year-to-date, or annual basis.  You can see all of your holdings, and the amount of shares you own in various asset classes.  A powerful feature of this program is that it allows you to run a Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) on your portfolio.  This means you will be able to accurately assess the performance of your account when taking into consideration when your contributions and withdrawals occurred throughout the year.  In my business, we like to be accurate!!

In order to access your account (s) the first time, you will have to call me so I can generate a temporary password.  After following the first time “log-in” instructions, you will have access to your own account information from that point forward.  Let me know if you need help!  If you’ve already registered, you can log in here: