Health of Your Health Plan

As I am sure you are aware, health care is one of the biggest topics and concerns of the government right now. Additionally, it is also one of the biggest concerns that you and I also have. As medicine, prescriptions, diagnosis, and surgical costs continue to rise, so does your premium paid to the insurance company to cover these increasing costs.

This week, I would like you to take a look at your current health plan. If your employer is covering the cost, ask him/her if they would like a ‘no-cost’ and ‘no-obligation’ review of your company health plan.  An independent review and comparison of alternative plans may not only be more cost beneficial, but more suitable for the employees as well. If you are self employed or your employer does not cover you for insurance, we can review your individual plans to see if a plan change would benefit you. Either way, you or your employer will then know that you have the right plan.

Additionally, don’t confuse health insurance plans with supplemental health reimbursement plans that advertise health insurance for as little as $9/mo.  There are a lot of confusing plans out there that may look great on a brochure and have a very low premium. But those plans can sometimes eliminate or not cover the very issues or conditions that would cost you many multiples more than the premium dollars you saved!

Finally, understanding your ‘annual deductable’ and ‘max-out-of-pocket’ costs is paramount to selecting an appropriate plan as these costs can really put a crimp on your other financial plans.  With our firm, we can find you a quality plan with a major carrier to fit your needs. Call me today to see if you qualify.