Communicating Your Needs

There are certainties in life and they aren’t always the bright spots we look forward to. One of these is the aging and mortality of ourselves and our loved ones. As we age, a slow transition occurs. Those that you once took care of may be the same ones who will be taking care of you. When this happens, a more transparent channel of communication needs to take place to ensure those who are being cared for can feel confident that their plans fall into place as they intended. Sensitive subjects of money, insurance, health care directives, and inheritance are just some of the items to discuss. Here’s a guide to help you and your family begin these important conversations.

I’ve also included a short video on the importance of having a living trust if you have real property and/or children. It is possible you may only need a will. Regardless, many people put this extremely important planning aspect off until it’s too late. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. While Arktos Wealth Management does not draft trust documents, we are versed in knowing the various benefits and attributes associated with them and how they can potentially benefit you and your family. We also have references available upon request should you wish to inquire further. Let us know how we can help!