Staying in Touch

Communication: [kəˌmyo͞onəˈkāSH(ə)n/]  1) the imparting or exchanging of information or news; 2) means of connection between people or places, in particular.

Because effective communication between a client and his/her advisor is a vital part of maintaining a trusted relationship, I am taking a short survey to help my clients get the most out of the services I provide.

I’m keeping this as short as possible in respect of your time.  If you could provide me some feedback pertaining to these questions, it will help me to improve with providing you the level of service you desire.


How do you want to be communicated with?

  • By Mail (paper)
  • By Personal Email
  • By Phone
  • In person Visit (my office)
  • In person Visit (your home or office)
  • Lunch meeting
  • Over golf or other fun activity
  • Through seminars (lunch time, evening, or Saturday)
  • Emergency (which child would I call?)

How often do you want me to reach out to you?

  • …to say “hi” and see how you’re doing.
  • …if the market is in jeopardy of collapsing.
  • …every week or month.
  • …only if something needs to be signed.
  • …to update my records.
  • …to notify you of an upcoming event.
  • …only to schedule your annual meeting.

How often should you reach out to me?

  • …only if I’m concerned about my accounts.
  • …I’ll call when my performance doesn’t meet my objectives.
  • …If my family dynamic changed (i.e. divorce, death, birth).
  • …only if you’ve sent me an email or left a voice message.
  • …I don’t really want to initiate contact. You should do this for me.
  • …every so often to see if you’re still my advisor.

I know that my advisor can provide me services and advice on:

  • building a personalized financial plan
  • budgeting
  • college funding and savings
  • help me select an appropriate portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments
  • disability, life, health, and long-term care insurance
  • retirement savings and retirement income planning
  • working with your estate planning attorney
  • working with your tax professional

I would feel comfortable in personally introducing my advisor to:

  • my family members
  • my best friend
  • my colleagues
  • my neighbors
  • Anyone…I would even wear a t-shirt with my advisor’s face on it
  • I don’t know how to introduce my advisor or the services he provides

Thank you for your candidness.  If there is anything else you would like to suggest, please contact me.  I appreciate the feedback and will continue to adapt my practice to ensure I am meeting my client’s expectations.  Just a short email highlighting one or two areas is all I’m asking for!