Now Available: A Written Personalized Financial Plan

Would you like to clearly visualize your financial situation and see possible shortfalls, pitfalls, surpluses, and/or areas that may need immediate attention?  Could you benefit from knowing that you are, or are not, on track to achieve financial independence?  If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, I may have just the report you are looking for!

I just recently invested in new software to help me illustrate your financial picture into a valuable and easy to understand report.  In my line of business, I produce numbers for my clients—lots of numbers.  I can run reports to demonstrate various situations based on risk tolerance, age, and investment goals.

And I can write and speak till I’m “blue in the face” regarding someone’s underfunded retirement plan and how it might not be able to support their aggressive spending habits.  But none of these impressive numbers or tactics can get someone to act if it doesn’t make sense to them or provide a specific answer to the issue.

I advise clients on the things they ‘need’ to hear rather telling them what they ‘want’ to hear.  No, our conversations aren’t always comfortable.  Tears, laughter, and frustration are frequently experienced during client meetings.  Yet, with nothing to take home with them (to have, hold, or review), the lessons learned soon move to the proverbial back burner—something to be addressed at a later date.  I’m trying to help bridge that communication gap with this new reporting tool, and create a sense of urgency.

To learn more about this valuable opportunity, call my office to discuss how a customized written financial plan may help you clearly see your future possibilities!