My Report Card

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]am a firm believer in personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity.  And because a business that caters to people on such a personal and emotional level must develop and nurture such a higher level of trust, I feel that an annual survey by the people I serve should have the ability to provide feedback as to how their expectations are being met, exceeding them, or falling short.

As this survey is in no way obligatory, it would be helpful if you could take a couple of minutes to answer any or all of the seven questions below.  It is this type of open communication that fosters an improved relationship, and helps to ensure we are meeting the level of service you expect from my firm.  I will personally (and confidentially) address each answer or concern you provide, and encourage a phone call if you prefer the old-school method of direct communication.

1. In what ways, if any, am I falling short of your expectations? Please be specific.

2. In what ways, if any, am I exceeding your expectations? Please be specific.

3. Are we meeting often enough? Are we talking often enough?

4. Is there any area of financial planning you feel we need to address further?

5. Please describe your experiences (favorable and unfavorable) with anyone I’ve recommended you to.

Please describe your experiences, if any, (favorable and unfavorable) with my home office.

7. Looking over our entire working relationship, where do you feel we’ve been of value to you (and your family, or and your business)?