5-Good Habits for 2012

Just like the jockeys readying their thoroughbreds at the gates of Del Mar race track on opening day, the energy, motivation, and state of mind all says, “I’m here, and I’m all in!”

If you are an average person, chances are likely that at the beginning of this year, you made some promises to yourself to accomplish several important ‘things’ by years’ end.   And it’s also highly probable that many of those same items are unfinished business from last-year.  Am I not right?

So why is it that we feel good about ourselves by acknowledging that we need to do something, yet we never take, or took, the first step?  It’s because taking the initiative to “do it” seems to be obstructed by its own nasty nemesis: “Procrastination!!”

Here’s a list to help you get over that hurdle.  So get out your mirror in preparation for a personal atonement and affirmation to make “procrastination” go away forever!!


  1. Use a daily task list.  Write down 6-items you need to accomplish tomorrow and leave it on your desk or kitchen counter at the end of the day.  Just like a child being told what to do, it’s easier to start working on something when you have orders—only you gave them to yourself the night before!
  2. Cut out the clutter.  Junk mail, needless phone calls, Facebooking, Twitter, a messy work space, and any other nonproductive “noise” distracts you from the true qualities around you.  Clean up your environment digitally and physically and experience how much more relaxed you are.  Gain control instead of being reactive to your environment.  Needless clutter is a killer!
  3. Don’t waste your time with people who drag you down.  If you hang around others who drag you down physically and emotionally (sorry, your children don’t count!), you will find yourself angry, tired, and unhealthy.  Instead, surround yourself with people you admire and respect.  They will act as a personal support system where group synergy will turn into productivity and happiness.
  4. Spend some “me” time on yourself.  Set an appointment of one hour a day to do exactly what you want to do.  This could be going to the gym, reading a book, taking a walk, working on that garage project, or anything else that will help bring your attitude “back to center.”   I know that sounds like Yoga, but yoga helps you find your center.  This “me” time is not selfish, it is just a part of your daily routine that your family and friends will have to respect.  They might even try it too!
  5. Become a better listener.  The greatest leaders in the world are usually the greatest listeners.  People like to be heard, and it takes a good listener to make that happen.  God gave us 2-ears and 1-mouth—use them accordingly.  It’s amazing how much you hear when you’re not talking!  I’ve observed my Grandfather (going on 97 years old) and how he quietly sits there at family functions watching everyone spill their guts about what they’ve done.  I’m sure he’s done everything that we’ve done and more, but he enjoys hearing the experiences, trials, and tribulations to his amusement.  And we feel good in telling him!

In support of this list, I’m going to practice what I preach.  Together, we can make a more fulfilling 2012 that allows us all some personal progress!