Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match!

The savings rate in this country is dismal. The most recent number (July 2018) reported by Trading Economics was 6.7%. Personal savings rate is defined as “the ratio of personal income saved to personal net disposable income during a certain period of time.” That means that the average income earner only saves $6.70 out of Read more about Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match![…]

2018 Mid-Year Update!

Enjoy it while it lasts– Sand, sun, and surf…or hikes, camping, and swimming. Maybe just enjoying the relaxing-long-afternoons over a slow barbeque as you lay in your comfy lounge chair. These are some visions and aspirations many of us want to enjoy over the next few warm months. Summer gives all of us a break Read more about 2018 Mid-Year Update![…]