New Assistant!!

It’s official…I now have a fantastic Administrative Assistant to assist with the day-to-day tasks required of running a Financial Advisory practice.  It is my pleasure to introduce my new Administrative Assistant, Shawna Ionita.

Shawna is here to help ensure that my clients are receiving the highest quality customer service from Arktos Wealth Management.  As complexities and requirements of the Financial Planning profession increase, it is critical that my practice maintain accurate and up-to-date records.  Shawna will also be able to assist you with general questions and other details concerning the status of your accounts.

As always, keeping my clients’ information private and secure remains an absolute priority.  Because I’ve known Shawna and her family for many years, I trust her with confidential client information and other sensitive data.  This is paramount to retaining the trust and confidence of my clients.

So, next time you call my office, you might here a different voice.  Be assured that you’ll receive excellent customer service!