A little reminder of our services

Want to know what Frank and Arktos Wealth Management can do for you? Can’t remember exactly what Frank does for a living? Here’s a quick reminder of a few of our services:

Wealth Management – If you happen to inherit a lump sum of money or win the lottery, you will have to make some very serious decisions. If you don’t inherit money or win the lottery, you still have some important decisions to make.

These decisions are best not left to your friend at work or an online discussion. We create customized portfolios utilizing the resources of institutional portfolio managers to project an income and wealth management plan to meet your needs.

Saving for college and/or retirement – Both of these savings plans are important. But which one should you fund first? We will create a plan to help you build your retirement nest egg using a variety of investments while addressing college funding needs and a plan on how to pay for it.

Life insurance – If you are a parent providing a home and well-being for your young children, you have a lot of responsibility on your hands.  And if this describes your situation and you do not have life insurance, we need to talk now. We can provide policies from $100,000 to $50,000,000 that are used for estate planning, cash accumulation, or plain old life insurance.

If you’ve heard life insurance commercials on the radio or TV that claim they have the lowest premium prices, we quote from the same insurance carriers with the same products. Let us help you find the right kind of policy with the right amount of coverage.

Rollover IRAs – When you leave your job, you are most likely eligible to rollover your old 401(k) into an IRA. We will discuss the merits of moving your assets to a new IRA and/or leaving your assets at your old 401(k) sponsor. We have an extensive selection of investment options to properly diversify your portfolio to match your risk tolerance and timeline.

Tax Management – Taxes are one of your largest expenses, and it may not be necessary to pay as much as you do. Reviewing strategies to potentially minimize what you owe can be a great way to put more money in your pocket.

A Financial Plan – A comprehensive look into nearly every aspect of your ‘financial’ life will be examined and analyzed. A report explaining what you can do to improve your current situation will be provided through several in-person meetings. Costs vary, and are specific to the complexities of each individual plan.

While there are additional services that we can provide, it is easier to think of us as your personal CFO. Managing money is a daily decision conflicted by emotion and needs. Questions like “should I buy or lease” or “how should I invest the proceeds from my house sale” are the types of subjects we discuss. Specific questions relating to caring for your parents in their aging health, or going through a divorce are also common subjects.

Give us a call. We don’t bite, and the phone call is free. If we cannot personally help you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Disclosure: Securities America does not provide tax advice.