Preparing for What the Future Beholds

crystal ball[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re we about to see a correction of 20% or more in the market, or is the remainder of the year going to be a continuation of our current bull market?  As I’ve told my clients that the crystal ball on my desk doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, and probably never will work, that (literal and ridiculous expectation) should be an obvious indicator that preparing for the future of your finances is a necessary practice worth integrating into your daily routine.

And because none of us—including the advisors that advise me and my firm on structuring an investment plan for my clients—knows whether the markets are just getting started on a long smooth ‘bull’ run, peaking, or ready to turn downward for the next year, that is where a tactical investment strategy attempts to mitigate (or soften) the impact of such market movements.

This month, I am highlighting a specific type of investment that’s called an Exchange Traded Note (ETN), An ETN can offer options for attempting a proactive (or tactical) approach to building and protecting your wealth.  It is not for everyone, nor is it for an entire portfolio.  However, it may fill a need to help you feel more confident in the market.  …Click Here… to learn more about this very unique investment!

RBS Trend Pilot Fact Sheet

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