Work Site Lecture Series

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]ant to gain some knowledge while you eat lunch?  Want to go home to your family with a new plan of action?  Stay tuned…I have a “lunch and learn” lecture series available for you and your work group!  But first, you need to understand why I’m making this opportunity available to you and your colleagues for free.  Read on and see if this is something that applies to your situation.

During the course of your workday, I’m sure you converse with your colleagues about a wide variety of subjects.  And I’m pretty sure the proverbial “water cooler” chats occasionally venture into topics pertaining to personal family finance, mortgages, insurance, kids’ education, and more.  While these subjects are extremely important to discuss and plan for, what professional advice are you actually receiving from colleagues?  Additionally, do you act on the advice of your colleagues without seeking an authority on that respective subject?

I’ve seen the financial results of people acting on their friend’s advice, and the outcome rarely meets their elevated expectations.  Too often, the advice (and banter) you and your friends initially started out with turns into an emotionally driven subject—and therein lies the problem: logic, planning, and execution are thrown out the window and a quick solution is sought to cure your immediate concern.

So, here’s my proposal (you could pass this on to your HR department):

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I would like to propose a “monthly lecture series” at your workplace to educate you and your colleagues/staff on a variety of financially related subjects.

The lectures (or educational events) would take place at your conference room, office, or cafeteria, be free of charge, and have no sales presentation of any specific product or service.  Additionally, some topics such as estate planning, being tax-smart, or properly covering your liabilities, would necessitate one of my professional colleagues to co-present in their respective field.  Again, this is all for the benefit of you and your colleagues/staff—to use this information to protect, preserve, and enhance what is important to all.  Light refreshments (i.e. tea cookies, water, coffee, etc.) would possibly be provided.

A calendar of events/subjects would be provided to integrate into your respective workplace once a determination has been made to approve of this lecture series.  Below is a partial list of topics.  A complete title and bulleted topic handout would be available for each presentation:

• Retirement 101:  How to meet your retirement goals.

• Paying for College:  What you need to be doing now.

• How to Create and $tay on a Family Budget.

• Insurance to Protect the Ones You Love.

• Charitable Gifting to Minimize Taxes

• Proactive Tax Planning: Don’t Pay More Than You Should!

• Estate Planning Basics:  Wills and Trusts.

• Necessities for Running Your Own Business

• Teaching Your Kids How to Manage Money.

• Teaching Your Kids How Money Works.

• Stocks vs. Bonds vs. Inflation.  How to Prepare for Your Future.

• Buying Your First Home: What you Need to Know.

• Retirement Benefits: How Social Security Works.

• …and many more…..

Please have your Human Resource department contact me directly at (818) 249-4984 to discuss this proposal.  I am looking forward to providing a service to our community, and feel this would be an excellent opportunity.  I am flexible, and can modify my schedule to fit one that you feel would work better for your specific workplace environment.