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CFP Progress

OK, so I took a little time off this summer from my studies of the Certified Financial Planner program at Boston University.  But the good news is that I only have 2-remaining modules; Estate Planning, and Retirement Planning, and am still on track to finish the education portion by mid October 2011.  My, how a …

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React Accordingly

Let’s address this perpetual issue again….and yet, again.  You go to work on Monday and you find yourself surrounded by your colleagues at break/lunch time.  It seems everyone is venting a laundry list of their irks and tribulations of family life, school, and those darn taxes and insurance premiums; while some are talking about the …

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What Do You Expect?

How can I help you?  That’s the typical phrase you hear when you walk up to a customer service counter.  And they ask that because they are typically receiving an hourly wage and are following a standardized protocol for assisting customers with their inherent needs.  When I ask, “How can I help you,” what do …

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