Health Quotes and Medicare!!

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]e’re live now!!  Now you have 24-hour web access to quote, compare, and shop for a health, dental, Medicare, Medicare supplement, or Medicare Advantage plan.  See my new health website here:  It’s very easy to use…please check it out! I’m now “carrier specific” trained to help navigate Medicare insurance complexities.  Medicare open enrollment runs …

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Why Do You Work?

I’m pretty sure you go to work each day because you ‘have to,’ not because you ‘want to.’  So, how important is it for you to keep your job and continue to earn money?  If you got laid off tomorrow morning (hypothetically speaking) and you could not secure another job for the next 5, 9, …

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You Snooze, You Loose.

In the last three days, I received notification from several insurance companies (providing Long Term Care, Annuities, life insurance, etc.) who are getting rid of income riders, charging more for coverage, and decreasing the benefits on their new policies.  The reason: extremely low interest rates over the past 3-years in conjunction with the low-rates forecasted …

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