Missed Opportunity

How powerful is the opportunity of deferring taxes from your current income?  Are you taking advantage of tax-deferral?  If you qualify to use an the tax benefits of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) but aren’t doing so, why don’t you? I’ve illustrated the possibilities of employing the uses of a plain old Traditional IRA (Individual …

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My Replacement

If you were to call my office to inquire about making an adjustment to your investment, insurance policy, or financial plan, you would either  1) speak to me in person; 2) leave a message on my voice mail; or 3) send me an email.  But what if I no longer had the capacity to respond …

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Happy Holidays!!

[dropcap1]So[/dropcap1] here we are at the end of the year again ready to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and all other respective religious holidays.  I look at the holidays as a time to embrace family and friends, remember those that are not here with us, be respectful for what we have, and reach out to those …

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